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Dwarf Ring - Men's

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Dwarf Ring - Men's Summary

This ring is made of jewelry quality stainless steel and contains a glass gem in one of six colors. Five sizes are available: U.S. sizes 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. The text on the ring is written in the Elder Futhark, which is an ancient alphabet that was used in Europe for inscriptions on weapons and monuments.

The runes above the hammer say "endurance"
The runes above the axe say "strength"
The runes around the stone say "I swear that we will not fail"

The Dwarves who live in their city beneath the mountain tell a story of how the city was once overrun by treachery and was nearly lost to them forever. The Orcs tricked the Dwarves into letting down their guard and their homes were lost to them along with the majority of their civilian population.

The Dwarves fell into a deep despair fearing that they would never regain their homeland, until the son of their king swore an oath that he would regain the city within one year. He was told by the crowds that the task was impossible and mocked for being a fool, but he insisted that anyone who joined him would be a part of the most glorious campaign ever undertaken in the history of Midgard. He summoned some of the best smiths known and fashioned rings made of legendary greysh metal. This substance had the color of silver, the strength of iron, and a nearly magical ability to resist tarnish or corrosion. The rings were inscribed with runes and symbols that embodied the ideals of the Dwarves, for what is more important than strength and endurance?

A ring was given to each Dwarf who chose to join the battle to regain their city, and to his most trusted leaders the king's son gave rings that were set with stones the color of smoke for he told them, "we are going to enter the fire and the smoke of battle will be the air that we breath, but we will reach the other side a stronger people than we have ever been."

The Dwarves regained their city and the rings survived for countless generations thereafter acting as a testament to each generation that impossible tasks can be achieved by those who have the will to be strong and endure.

Six stone colors are available at this site:

Glacier - light blue
Emerald - green
Ruby - red
Ice - clear
Citron - yellow
Aquamarine - med blue with a green tint

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Dwarf Ring - Men's