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Dwarf Ring - Women's

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Dwarf Ring - Women's Summary

The women's Dwarf Ring is inscribed with ancient futhark runes that say "Strength is Beauty". It is also decorated with seven Chalicite™ stones that exhibit astounding fire and brilliance.

There are seven editions:

Cerulean Chalicite™
Verdant Chalicite™
Fire Chalicite™
Cerulean and Senja Chalicite™
Verdant and Senja Chalicite™
Fire and Senja Chalicite™
Senja Chalicite™

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Cerulean Chalicite - Verna Robinson - 5/14/2016
I have had so many compliments on this ring when I wear it! I am amazed.

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Dwarf Ring - Women's