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Elfish Tie Clip

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Elfish Tie Clip Summary

These tie clips are extremely high quality and made of the finest materials. There are five variations:
Green glass with a 24 karat gold finish
Blue glass with a 24 karat gold finish
Amber glass with a nickel finish
white pearl enamel with a 24 karat gold finish
Antique Bronze
The text on the tie clip is written in Elfish and reads, "Compassion for my enemies". The idea behind this tie clip design is that the closest that many men today come to battle is the competition that they experience when wearing a tie and this tie clip embodies the Elfish attitude toward war.

The Elves had many reasons to go to war, but in every battle, each warrior would carry somewhere on his person the phrase "compassion for my enemies", perhaps engraved on a knife blade or a silver buckle. They wanted always to remember that while it is frightful to contemplate losing one's life, it is even more frightening for one's soul to become deaf to the dance of life and every creature's place in it..

As a poet once said before singing a tale of war, "I may need to destroy a fellow creature, but if I ever stop understanding why he loves and why he hates, then the brilliance of life will grow dim, music will be just irritating noise, and poetry will be meaningless babble".

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Elfish Tie Clip