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Miterathea Summary

I want many people to have an opportunity to purchase these coins, so please follow these rules:

Only two Loom of Heaven editions per household
Only two Nucleogenesis editions per household

If a purchase exceeds these limits, the extra money will be refunded. Thank you for understanding.

Before the earth, before the sun, there was a star named Miterathea. When she still blazed in the heavens, the universe contained almost no elements heavier than hydrogen and helium. There was no oxygen to make water, or for animals to breath; there was no carbon to make the bodies of living things; there was no iron, nickel, or silicon to make rocks; there was no uranium or thorium to heat the cores of plants and make them living worlds with growing mountains and plate tectonics. However, large stars like Miterathea make all of these elements deep inside of themselves. The nuclear fire that cause them to live and burn, also create all of the heavy elements needed to build worlds and to make up the bodies of living organisms.

Miterathea wove together huge quantities of elements while she was alive, but her true creative force was unleashed when she died. As her life ended, her core collapsed and in a fiery explosion that shone brighter than one million stars, she briefly raged as a supernova. It was during this death that she created much of the material that makes up the planets of our solar system and our very bodies. In a very real sense, Miterathea was the mother of our sun, our earth, and every one of us. This is not a work of fiction; it is a scientific fact that can be found in astronomy text books.

This coin is two inches in diameter and is trackable.

Nucleogenesis - 24 karat gold finish, brilliant resin colors 
The Loom of Heaven - 24 karat gold finish, white pearl enamel and a rainbow of transparent resin colors

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