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Oceans of Mars

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Oceans of Mars Summary

There are two editions available:
Prince of Nili
Oceans Blazing

In order to give the largest number of people the chance to order coins, orders are limited to one of each edition (two coins total) for each household.

This coin is 2.5 inches in diameter (64 mm) and is huge.


The Oceans of Mars coin shows how Mars would appear if there were water on its surface. The map was produced by starting with a topographic map, produced by NASA, and coloring all of the lowest areas blue. Scientists believe that Mars once had oceans and it is hoped that, through planet scale engineering (known as terraforming), the oceans can one day be restored. The names of the places on this coin are the real names except that some have been translated from Latin into English and the low level plains were given the name "sea" or "ocean". In mythology, Mars was associated with war; in honor of that tradition, the edition names have war themes.

In the coming decades, people will travel to Mars and begin the extremely dangerous task of colonization. Only a few brave people will be able to make that journey, but with this coin, anyone can hold Mars (and its oceans) in their hand.

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Oceans of Mars