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Tabby's Star

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Tabby's Star Summary

Only Two Coins per Household!
Orders of three Tabby's Star coins or more will be refunded. Since this is a limited edition, orders are limited so that everyone will have a chance to purchase this coin.

*** Limited Edition, Will Never be Made Again ***
*** 100 Enigma Editions Produced ***

This coin is 1.75 inches in diameter and is trackable at It features resin enamel with a 24 karat gold finish. The Tabby's Star design has been retired and no Tabby's Star coins will ever again be made. In all, 350 were produced.
In the sky, there is a mystery that science cannot explain. A star is brightening and dimming in a way that does not fit any of the stellar models. There are many theories for the strange behavior of this star: explanations offered are that it could be due to material coalescing around the star, a swarm of comets disintegrating as the star heats them up, a debris field, or perhaps a new kind of stellar physics. However, none of these explanations is able to fully explain the star's behavior. Some scientists have offered that if an alien race were building a very large structure, a megastructure, around the star that it would appear just as what we are observing. This has ignited people's imaginations. One of the primary astronomers studying the star is Tabetha Boyajian and thus the star has been unofficially named after her, "Tabby's Star".

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5 product stars
Another great coin ! - drneal - 12/4/2016
The colors, the design...truly another great Gregson Vaux design !

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Tabby's Star