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Time Lord

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Time Lord Summary

The five 2016 editions available on this site are:

Age of Enlightenment - antique copper and gold
Archean - white pearl, blue pearl, shiny gold finish
Cambrian Period - blue glass, light orange-red glass, dark orange-red glass, shiny nickel
Cretaceous Period - green sparkle, 24 karat gold
Cryptic Era - Brown Glass, Red Glass, Lt. Red Glass, solid copper

This coin is 1.75 inches in diameter, is trackable, and has its own icon.

The idea behind this coin is that those people who are wise to the ways of time will know that sometimes we need to rush to the next event, but at other times we must wait and let things come to us. Those who know when to rush and when to be patient will use the time allotted to them most fully.

The front shows an hour glass in front of a galaxy. This pinwheel of stars rotates once every fifty million years making it a clock for very long periods of time. There are four words with four letters each, making a four to the second power pattern. The Time Lords, after all, do love math.

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Time Lord