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Most objects that we own are designed to last ten years, or fewer. Gregson Vaux Artifacts is a company dedicated to producing items that can remain beautiful for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Our products are fabricated and contain materials intended to resist environmental and photochemical degradation. We believe that beautiful objects should last for generations and with fortune, millennia. Wood, fabric, paper, and most organic materials will retain their worth for a few short years. However, ceramic, glass, stone and some metals have been shown to be capable of withstanding the ravages of time. Museums and private collections around the world contain artifacts that have survived from the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman empires, among others. By studying these survivors, we can know what lasts and what passes away too quickly.

When you acquire artifacts produced by us, your hands will be just the first of many to hold and treasure these relics as they pass through the generations.